Health & Wellness Center

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center

Tel no. (02) 87114141



The CGH-MC Health and Wellness Center provides health services through a certified group of experts with the ultimate goal of early diagnosis and integrated management of diseases through efficient and cost-effective utilization of constantly advancing services and technologies to maintain optimal health and wellness of the ASEAN community.


We aim to be a renowned center of excellence in preventive health care and promoting wellness throughout the ASEAN community. We provide a holistic and personalized care for patients with metabolic dysfunction by inspiring and empowering them with the knowledge and skills  to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


What We Do


Our primary aim is to do a comprehensive medical evaluation for the generally well adult coming in for an executive check-up.


We offer 2 major packages: 


  • Basic Screening 


  • Comprehensive Package 


The patient will be evaluated by the internist on deck through a thorough history and physical exam. The internist will then recommend at least a “Basic screening package” plus another specialty package as deemed necessary.  For instance, if patient is a chronic smoker or having respiratory symptoms then our medical experts will add a “Pulmonary Package” which includes a complete spirometry on top of the basic package. The packages we recommended are made through sound clinical judgement and customized to address exactly what the patient needs. 


Basic Screening Package

Comprehensive Screening Package/
Platinum Health Package

Above packages come with the following services:


  • Nutritional Counseling c/o dietitian from Metabolic  Center

  • Immunization Counseling

  • Visual Acuity testing by ophthalmologist


Male Package:       Urology Consult


Female Package:       Gynecology Consult and Clearance

                                  Pap Smear

                                  Digital Mammography / Breast Ultrasound