Center for Obesity Medicine and Metabolic Surgery (COMMS)

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center 

 Department of Surgery, Ground floor

Tel no. (02) 87114141 loc. 887


The Bariatric Center- Center for Obesity Medicine and Metabollic Surgery (COMMS) provides our patients with Medical Nutrition Therapy, Physical Activity Intervention , Lifestyle Modification Counselling, Medical Management of Obesity, Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery and a support group where our patients find motivation, comfort and help throughout their weight management program journey.

Our regular conferences and lay forums are held to spread awareness on the life-threatening effects of obesity and other health-related problems. For more information on our conferences and forums, please contact us.


We are a team of medical professionals specializing in the field of obesity capable of providing high-quality and holistic weight management programs even with the most complex and challenging patients. 


Our patients have different needs, so we provide them with individualized comprehensive medical care for the best possible outcome in their life-changing decision. Our services include:

  • Medical nutrition therapy

  • Physical activity intervention

  • Lifestyle modification counselling

  • Medical management of obesity

  • Bariatric and metabolic surgery

  • Support group

What Patients Say

Prior to my gastric bypass surgery, I was hypertensive with high cholesterol level,  a candidate for diabetes with osteoarthritis. I tried all the diet pills, diet teas and diet methods available. Sadly all of those are just myths and marketing strategies.

After my bariatric surgery, all the complications brought about by obesity are corrected and gone. No more maintenance medication. I now enjoy a better quality of life. Plus I am now confident resulting to better social life.


Realizing that all efforts were in vain for I was not losing any weight at all, but actually growing bigger each day, I knew I needed help- a surely effective one.

Bariatric surgery is a miraculous catalyst for me to finally be sincerely inspired to live a healthy lifestyle. I will not lose as much as I did and be so close to my goal weight now, were it not for the surgery and the help of my doctors- Dr. Cunanan and Dr. Lim-Loo of Chinese General Hospital.

Our Doctors

Bariatric surgeons:

Dr. Michelle Bernadette Lim-Loo, MD, FPSGS, FPCS
Dr. Sammy Cunanan, MD, FPSGS, FPCS

Obesity Medicine specialist:

Dr. Florence Gan, MD, FPCP, DPSEDM