Pain Medicine – Supportive and Palliative Care (PainSPaCe) Unit

Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center

Tel no.  (02) 8711-4141



  • Comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation and management of acute, cancer and chronic non-cancer pain

  • Management of pain and other symptoms as part of supportive/palliative care

  • Psychological assessment and management such as cognitive behavioral therapy, other forms of psychotherapy

  • Advanced pain therapies such as patient-controlled analgesia pumps, subcutaneous infusions

  • Regional/Nerve blocks for acute pain conditions

  • Interventional pain procedures under fluoroscopy and ultrasound guidance

  • Acupuncture for pain and symptom control as part of supportive care

  • Advanced care planning

  • Other palliative care services

  • Clinical Services are provided across different settings:

    • Outpatient consultations by face-to-face or teleconsultation

    • Inpatient care

    • Home visits/care (future plan)

What Patients Say

Thank you very much for treating my wife’s pain and taking good care of her. She should have been referred to the Pain Management service earlier to spare her and our family of the pain and suffering that we have endured in the past months. We have never seen her smiles for a long time. 

Our doctor is an amazing person and so professional in her work.  My wife is a cancer patient and it affects her right arm.  During the start of her chemotherapy, my wife was in so much pain that she could not sleep. 


With the help of CGH, the pain was controlled and my wife was able to sleep and can do normal things compared to before.


Your help was the greatest relief we had during this admission.  My family and I did not know how to prepare ourselves for the inevitable and make the right decisions if not for your guidance and education. 


Your specialty is truly needed especially to people and family like us.  I am forever grateful.

Your Doctors & Nurses


Jocelyn Que, MD

Assistant Head

Christine Venice Chan, MD

Emma Ting Lao, MD

Luzviminda Kwong, MD

Berlin Fernando, MD

Seabert Tan, MD
Stephanie Siao, MD

Mary Joclyn Bautista, MD